Rebel Rock

June 25, 2005

The participants and myself met at South Eugene High School at 8:00 clock as I posted. The trip could start earlier it is a long hike. It bothered me for a while. The morning was overcast and remained that way to the trailhead and a bit beyond. The hike begins at the confluence of Rebel Creek and the South Fork of the McKenzie. The first 5.5 miles follow Rebel Creek through a verdant forested canyon all up hill. It then tops out on a forested plateau. At this point the trail meets a junction. We take a breather and it is brought to my attention that I led this section way too fast. Some in the group were pondering shortening the hike by sticking with the loop trail and not going to the top of Rebel Mountain. We were able to compromise by spreading out the weight of some of the packs. Most importantly I agreed to slow the pace. (I’m learning to lead as I go). We take a left at the junction east bound for about 1.1 miles. We hike through a swamp of skunk cabbage and devil’s club. Here we reach an old sheep herders’ camp and the head of Rebel Creek. It’s at this point that the hike takes on its most esteemed part. We now are going off trail for the next 2.5 miles, the goal initially to come out to the south flank of Rebel Rock. We ace this first section and come out at the rock in an alpine meadow with blue sky, and an incredible view of the Three Sisters mountains. One person commented that it was reminiscent of Julie Andrews singing in the meadows in the opening scenes of the Sound of Music. I concur. It is a beautiful back country location. We proceed to scramble up the base of the rock through some pretty loose scree to a fine location just below the summit of the rock. We would pause here and eat lunch and get to know one another. We pack up and head north and then west over the summit of Rebel Mountain (different than the Rock). We admire the meadows and views from this location as we head down to the rebel geologic area and explore the terrain. We scampered down the mountain a little further and met the loop trail that we left some time ago at a previous junction. The last two points of interest are Rebel Lookout which is in rapid decay, the old helicopter pad and the summit of the loop trail which is our last chance to look upon the Sisters Three and the stately Mount Jefferson. Then it is all down hill from there on out. The group on this outing where all incredibly strong hikers with lots of enthusiasm I am happy to have had the opportunity to spend the day with them.

Participants were members Claudia Arias, Larry Huff (leader), Doug Nelson, Karen Rayle and Steve Shriver, and  nonmember Debra Higbee.

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