Heceta Head

June 25, 2005

Leader: Ann-Marie Askew

After parking at Washburne State Park, we headed south during a minus tide. Seemingly hundreds of unbroken sand dollars lay on freshly exposed sand, and starfish of various hues hung on exposed outcroppings as we waded through or leapt over little lakes of swirling eddies well below the tide line. It was sunny as we walked on the beach, although thick fog encapsulated Heceta Head. However, after following the Hobbit Trail up through the dense spruce forest, the fog dissipated as we hiked up and then down the Coast Trail to the lighthouse, and we were treated to clear skies for the rest of the day. We ate lunch on a sunny bench overlooking the Pacific and chatted with Anne the Bird Lady, a delightful volunteer who let us view nesting murre through her impressive telescope as she described their unusual eggs and nesting habits. After retracing our hike on the Coast Trail, we crossed the highway and walked north along Valley Trail, passing Beaver Lake and China Creek. When we got back to the parking lot, we laughingly considered doing the delightful hike all over again! Thanks to members Danny Baihuber and Judy Newman, and soon-to-be member Alice Nyitray for their excellent company.

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