Clear Lake

June 21, 2005

Leader: Marshall Kandell

Twas the first day of summer, when all around the lake, among the only creatures stirring were ducklings trailing their moms to destinations unknown, an osprey a-swooping and a lone swan a-preening. Wildflowers were a-blooming, their pretty little heads presenting. There were coralroot and candystick, tiger lily and golden iris, windflower and queen’s cup. Also, purple lupine, phacelia, twin flower and starflower; wild rose, bunchberry, bear grass and bleeding heart; orange honeysuckle, yellow stonecrop, purple penstamen and pipsissewa. And star flowered Solomon seal and false Solomon seal (a botanical imposter?). Not to mention assorted berries, foam flower and teeny tiny (less than ¼") chickweed monkey flowers, a yellow figwort-type flower with red dots in its lava crevices (just try rhyming all that!) . .

And what to their wondering eyes did they see, but an Obsidian leader and his seven hiker team. Barb and Tom Revere, Margaret Prentice, Carol Petty, Barbara Morgan and nonmember Julie Dorland. Less rapid than eagles, his trekkers came — shuffling and stumbling and calling each plant by name (thanks to Margaret and Barb). stopping only for lunch at the turquoise pool where the lake and McKenzie are born and where a colony of mergansers dove and flapped like in a nature flick on the telly.

As overcast skies gave way to sun, pretty vistas and a glimpse of Mt. Washington, we sprang (sort of) to our cars for a look-see at Sahalie Falls and then drove out of sight. Back to town, wishing all farewell and a good night! (Apologies to Clement C. Moore for our paraphrasing and deficient rhyming.)

Marshall and troop: Barbara, Margaret, Carol, Julie and Tom

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