Crescent Mountain

June 19, 2005

Despite reports of heavy thunderstorms in the Cascades, I decided to try the trip anyway. Because it had been a light snow year, the trail was clear all the way to the top. The lack of snow, however, has also meant that the wildflowers in the meadows below the top were not as numerous. As we climbed, the clouds began to gather around the higher mountains. By the time we reached the top, the clouds were all around us, but our mountain was still in the sun. On the descent, thunder could be heard, but we were in the clear all the way back to the cars. Then, on the way back down the McKenzie highway it rained so hard that we were forced to pull off the road and stop.

Members: Ann-Marie Askew, George Baitinger, Anne McLucas, Rich Peevers and Mark Slipp. Nonmembers: Claudia Arias and Mary Fechner.

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