U of O Campus

June 16, 2005

This hike was billed as a walk and talk hike. Although I did most of the talking, several of the other members, especially Maggie Gontrum contributed bits of campus lore as we went along. On an overcast morning we gathered at 8:30 a.m. in the SEHS parking lot. We walked down 18th to campus, made a brief stop to look at the Music School then on to Agate and into the William Knight Law Center and out again out through the east door.

From then on we snaked our way around campus—from the library, to the Dads’ Gate on Franklin, the Science buildings, stopped for coffee and snack at EMU, more campus and back to 18th, arriving at SEHS at 12:15 p.m. not having had to put up our umbrellas once. The congenial group was made up of all Obsidians and consisted of: Joan Bradley, Max Brown, Margot Fetz, Maggie Gontrum, Peter Graham, Richard Heinzkill (leader), Margit Hollerud, Yuan Hopkins, Janet Jacobsen, Sandra Larsen, Marshall Kandell, Barb Revere, Bonnie Richman, Kathy Riddle, Sharon Ritchie, Ron Shaffer, Barbara Schomaker and Michelle Tambellini.

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