“Our Daily Bread”, Veneta Bike Trip

June 11, 2005

With the promise of a shower or two and a sky full of dark clouds, I was delighted to have all four people show up at the start of the bike path. The ride to Veneta on back roads was really lovely. Petzhold Rd. is my favorite. We all agreed that almost everyone in a vehicle was exceeding the speed limit on Crow Road. We ate a wonderful lunch at Our Daily Bread in Veneta, sitting outside in the sunshine! Dark, dark clouds began closing in as we started our return trip. I promised my great riders that it would not rain until their bikes were safely in their garages…and it didn’t! Many, many thanks to the group for having the courage to show up despite the forecast. They are non-member . . . but soon to be member: Steve Gunn and members Gayle Berge, Vicki Levine, and Evelyn Nagy. Sharon Ritchie, sort-of-a-leader.

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