Kentucky Falls

June 10, 2005

The fog and low clouds that obscured views of Roman Nose and the grand vistas usually observable on the way to Kentucky Falls provided wonderful hiking weather for the eight trekkers. The three falls roared their spring runoff into the streams below. We marveled at the profusion of wildflowers, both on the drive and the hike, including rhodies, columbine, iris, yellow lupine (as well as insidious Scotch broom), monkey flower and inside-out flower. The road is well marked compared to my other trip to Kentucky Falls about 15 years ago, but detailed driving instructions available at Whittaker Campground bulletin board provide added reassurance to drivers. Four hikers preferred to return to Eugene following the hike, but four proceeded to browse the Florence Old Town followed by reservations at Alpha Bits in Mapleton for that restaurant’s Friday night fixed-menu, fixed-price dinner. We enjoyed very good fresh-out-of-the-oven bread, Caesar salad, chicken Marsala over pasta (with lots of mushrooms), homegrown broccoli and strawberry shortcake—all for $9.25. (For menu information and to make reservations for future Friday night dinners, call 541-268-4311.) Hikers included Michelle Tambellini, Barb Schomaker, Marshall Kandell, Anne Bonine, Leila Snow, Barb Revere, and Maggie Gontrum, and leader Joella Ewing.

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