Dine at the Dump bike ride

June 8, 2005

Guns and Meth: 20 bikers biked to the Short Mountain Landfill, aka, the dump on a purfect morning. Some started at Campbell Center and did a 25 mile ride; others started at the Emerald People’s Utility (EPUD) offices for a 12 mile ride. When we arrived at Short Mountain, we were met by Doug from EPUD who explained how garbage is turned into electricity, enough to power approximately 1,200 households. In addition, having a methane power plant at the landfill avoids huge costs of a collection system to reduce the gases which contribute to global warming. A group of wells pump methane and carbon dioxide through a filtering system to power engines which then run electric generators.

After lunch which included brownies and cold sodas delivered by Lyn Gilman-Garrick who generously gave up biking to provide the treats, the group toured the firing range also located near Short Mountain. Mark from the Eugene Police Department provided very interesting commentary about this shared use facility. Even the IRS agents come out to practice their shooting, along with Lane County Sheriff’s Department, State Police, Springfield, and Eugene Police Departments. The facility includes a short range for pistol practice, a building where officers are shot with paint-ball like “bullets”, and a rifle range. Mark also demonstrated shooting with a 45 pistol and a semi-automatic rifle; unfortunately, he didn’t allow the rest of us to practice.

Thanks to the following folks for getting getting on their bikes and participating on the tours: John Agnew, Gayle Berge, Joan Bradley, Barbara Bruns, Walt Davis, Jim and Sharon Duncan, Stewart Hoeg, Richard Hughes, Les and Chris Kellow, Vicki Levine, Jack and Kathy Lindstrom, Rose Marie Moffit, Margaret and Bill Prentice, Kathy Riddle, and Sharon Ritchie. And extra special thanks to Richard for biking over 30th St to meet the group at EPUD. —Lana Lindstrom

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