Three Buttes Hike and Bike

June 5, 2005

I conceived the “Three Buttes” as a cross training work out day. Two others joined me for the trip and I got my work out all right, just trying to keep up with them! Non-member Yan Seiner joined George Jobanek and me for a combination bike ride and hike that took us to the tops of three favorite Eugene area hills; Skinner’s Butte, Mt. Pisgah and Spencer’s Butte.

The day was mostly cloudy and cool with a few brief showers and breaks of sunshine. Not a bad day for 30 miles of biking (with 2000 ft. plus? of elevation gain) and four or five miles of hiking (with another 2000 ft. of elevation). The “leader” was well at the rear of our small group for a good share of the time, especially on that long pull up Fox Hollow Rd.

If I had it to do over, I’d change only one thing. I’d bring a towrope so George could give me an assist going up those hills!

Many thanks to George and Yan for joining me (Doug Nelson) on a most enjoyable and satisfying outing.

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