McKenzie View Drive

May 14, 2005

It was fine day for a bike ride, greeted with enthusiasm and energy by the three participants. McKenzie View Drive is a lovely, rural, pastoral scene as it follows the river along scattered houses and farms. We extended the trip to include Sunderman Drive as well, then took a meandering course through Springfield to return to Alton Baker Park. A special event during the day was watching a raven fly off unsteadily with a freshly captured, writhing, foot and a half long garter snake. In terms of avionics and gastronomics, it appeared to be a very optimistic capture. Total distance today was 40 miles, just enough to leave a transient impression one’s buttock’s without any persisting damage. Thanks to Lana Lindstrom and Richard Hughes for being such excellent company.

Bikers were: Larry Dunlap, leader, Richard Hughes and Lana Lindstrom.

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