Mt. June–Hardesty Mountain

May 1, 2005

As we arrived at the Mt. June trailhead the overnight fog was lifting and eight hikers headed for Mt. June stripping off excess clothing on the way or at the summit. Clouds and fog obscured the views, but made for an interesting show as they slowly revealed and then hid the foothills. From the summit we could see the Sawtooth and the ridge leading to Hardesty Mountain. On our way to Hardesty Mountain we kept looking for wild flowers, but only saw a few; apparently we arrived too early to see the kaleidoscope of color that nature’s paintbrush has to offer. Several trails come up from other valleys to join the ridge trail, making it easy to get off route if one does not watch where they are going. The ridge trail is a rolling forested trail with steep up and down sections separated by more gradual grades, making the elevation gain on the hike back almost as much as the hike out. We found the trail littered with many fallen branches and a few trees from the winters storms. As we approached the summit of Hardesty it began to rain. After a quick bite of lunch we headed back across the ridge trail to the cars, quickening our pace as we neared the cars and the intensity of the rain increased. Even this short hike (9.6 miles five and a half hours) reinforced the importance of wearing appropriate clothing. Cotton is rotten. The hikers were: LarRee Beckley, Ken Horton, Daphne James, Nancy Whitfield, Ron Wood members; Claudia Arias and Linn Cooper nonmembers; and Craig Renkert leader.

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