Flat Tire Clinic

April 21, 2005

Those of us who attended the Flat Tire Clinic on April 21st came away with some valuable tips. Wayne of course arrived appropriately, on his bicycle, the rest of us in the comfort of our cars. Because it was a pleasant evening we opted to have the clinic outdoors so we gathered by the steps to listen and learn. Wayne produced handouts, which he went over in detail, discussing everything from categories of flats, some of which may be avoided if one is alert, to equipment: rags, levers etc. He thinks a floor pump (for home use) is optional, but he prefers the frame pump! The last category was equipment choice and the reasons for these choices.

Following the “lecture” session, we had a complete demonstration of how to fix a flat. We were reminded that if we wanted to get our wheel back on we needed to use the quick release brake also. Although Wayne does it all speedily and efficiently his last words were “When you get a flat, remember to take your time and do it right, otherwise you may be doing the same thing down the road a bit!”

Wayne offered to repeat the whole procedure with his rear tire but the mosquitoes were fierce by then, he was their main target & besides he had already given us a thorough lesson.

—Margaret and Bill Prentice

[Note: Nice article, Margaret, but you’ve got it a little bit wrong. I don’t prefer a frame pump over a floor pump—just think a frame pump is optional for someone who doesn’t ride a whole lot. What I prefer a frame pump over is a mini-pump. —Wayne]

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