Clay Creek

April 16, 2005

Meeting at SEHS, raining cats & dogs, three dry hikers decide to go hiking anyway, believing that it will stop. Traveling by the Alsea Falls highway, we are about halfway to Drift Creek, our destination, when one hiker made the decision not to continue on.

We turned around and headed back to SEHS. By the time we got back to SEHS, the rain had stopped. After the one hiker left the group, the two of us remaining still wanted to hike. Dave and I headed for Clay Creek Trail and checked it out. With a steep grade, it is a sweet, short trail, with flowers, invasive weed (that we pulled) but no rain and a lot of sun. It was great.

Participants were Rebecca Hansen (leader), and non-members Dave Norregaard, and Sachiko Iwasaka.

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