Hallie Ford Museum of Art and Salem

March 5, 2005

It was foggy and chilly when we met at the SEHS parking lot to carpool to Salem to the Charles Heaney exhibit at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art on the Willamette University Campus. Heaney (1897–1981) was an important Oregon painter and printmaker whose work spans a sixty-year period. There were early woodblock and linoleum prints, aquatint etchings, oil and casein paintings. Topics included landscapes of eastern Oregon and Nevada, the razing of buildings in Portland, rural Oregon, and even some fossil paintings. Those of us that have driven to summer camp felt a bit of empathy with the paintings of the roads that stretch forever in eastern Oregon. It was well worth the drive. Pat and Anne shared some anecdotes about other Oregon painters whose works are in the permanent collection.

We then strolled through the campus by the millrace to the cafeteria at the Goudy Commons where we were thrilled to fill our plates with an all you can eat brunch for $5.50. The multiple counters included hearty breakfast, build your own omelets, soup and salad, fruit, pastries, pancakes, and beverages. Rick Ahrens would be pleased that they served shade grown coffee. The somewhat messy peanut butter, jelly, and toast section needed the skills of Jim Duncan, our summer camp lunch chair. The large picture windows and high ceilings provided us with picturesque views of the millrace and spring flowers. We discussed our college days and took note of what the students were eating. Cheerios and fruit loops seemed to be very popular.

After lunch, we continued walking by the millrace to the east end of the campus near Amtrak and the Mission Museum. On our return walk, we had impressive views of the Oregon State Capitol. For some, it was the first time they had been close to the capitol and the Golden Pioneer. The sun came out! We continued on State Street through downtown Salem toward the Riverfront. Jim pointed out the gate to the second floor “den” of the Chemeketans, the Salem Hiking Club.

Next stop was the Riverfront Park and the Carousel. Many of us purchased a token, put a foot in the stirrup and “gracefully” seated ourselves on a horse for a melodic ride. We couldn’t resist a short loop hike on the riverfront. Our trip concluded at the front of the capitol that was closed and deserted on a Saturday afternoon. It was a relaxing trip. However, it does seem very tiring to walk slowly. The spring-like weather, blooming flowers, and a congenial group of people made this an auspicious beginning for Summer Trips.

Participants were: Gayle Berge, Mary Croson, Pat Dark, Daniele Delaby, Leona Devine (co-leader), Jim Duncan, Sharon Duncan, Joella Ewing, Yuan Hopkins, Jane Hackett, Janet Jacobsen (leader), John Jacobsen, Ann Lichtenstein, Ed Lichtenstein, Margaret Prentice, Barbara Schomaker, Michelle Tambellini, Sheila Ward.

Jim, Ann, Ed, Pat, Yuan, Jane, Mary, Sharon, Michele, Leona, Joella,
Gayle, Margaret, Sheila, Daniele & Janet
at the Hatfield Fountain (locally referred to as Chicken Fountain) on the Campus of Willamette University.


At the Capitol building.


Barbara, taking a wild ride, on the Carousal at Riverfront Park.


Pat, Mary, Janet, Sharon and Jane along the Willamette River in Riverfront Park.

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