Spencer Butte Trail Maintenance

December 10, 2005

Saturday, December 10th, 2005, the Obsidians continued their collaborative trail maintenance project with the Eugene Parks Dept. at Spencer Butte Park.

A group of five stalwart Obsidians, including the past and future club presidents, joined Matt McRae from the Parks Dept to continue to improve the hiking experience at the park. John Jacobsen, Wayne Deeter, Joanne Ledet, Rich Ahrens and Peter Asai met on yet another chilly but sun soaked trail maintenance morning at Spencer Butte Park, further evidence of cosmic blessings on this endeavor. This day’s task was to install trail markers along the steep western trail to guide hikers along the established trail to the summit. With the help of ladders, hammers and reflective aluminum markers, trees were strategically tagged with markers showing hikers the main route to the summit and more importantly the route down. The trail up through the rocky outcrops was quite icy at about the ½ way point. We were disinclined to use that route to come down. The route was marked all the way to the end of the tree line. The intrepid group carried ladders and materials to the summit where using ladders they ascended to the highest elevation of any party climbing the butte. We elected to take the east trail down for ease of toting ladders and avoiding icy rocks.

Plans were made for Sunday, January 22 as the next trail maintenance trip.

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