Mt. Thielsen

July 16-17, 2005

On our climb of Mt. Theilsen on July 17, 2005 we had perfect weather and an excellent group of climbers. To take advantage of the cool of the morning we hit the trail at 6:15 a.m. There were few other climbers on the mountain but as luck would have it, a party of two were at Chicken Ledge ahead of us when we got there. We paused for an extra 20 minutes or so and then decided that running our rope would not interfere with them as they did not use the regular route. This was climb leader Virgil Lamb’s first experience setting anchors for the group and he did a great job! Sue Sullivan as the most experienced climber in the group followed him up to affirm his skill.

All eleven climbers summited before noon and we were all rewarded with a fantastic view. We could see as far as Mt. Jefferson to the north and could see the profile of Mt. Lassen to the south. We do love our Cascades!

Perfect Climb! Perfect Weather!! and a Great Group Of People!!! Climbers were: Craig Renkert, Claudia Arias, Mary Croson, Ken Horton, Bob Burnett, Lauren Lamb, Justin Sawyer, Sue Sullivan, John Mowat, climb leader Virgil Lamb and assistant climb leader Kim Sawyer.

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