Shelter Cove

January 20-22, 2004

The forecast of 3–7 inches of new snow had us all enthused as we drove from Eugene to Willamette Pass on the first day of the overnight trip to Shelter Cove. It was somewhat disappointing to find only a half-inch or less covering the crust; however, the sky turned blue and the sun came out as we made our way from Gold Lake SnoPark in two groups — one on skis and the other on snowshoes — toward Midnight Lake. The skiers lunched at the lake and made a couple of circuits while the snowshoers trekked up the road. Back at Shelter Cove, we had a gourmet dinner and retired early. The next day, the fog burned off just as the downhill contingent was riding the lift and the skinny skiers glided out the access road to the back side. The two groups met there and agreed the weather was perfect. Like the previous day, the trails and the runs were pretty much ours alone. A ski down the Skyline Trail and back burned off the requisite calories to allow a minor pig out at the lodge that evening. On Thursday, the group went to Maklaks and divided into ’shoers and skiers again. The skiers were surprised by the distance covered and the speed of the other group. Participants: Lana Lindstrom, Richard Hughes, Peter & Kitson Graham, Clare Tucker, Sue Wolling & leader Charlie Van Deusen.

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