Oregon Dunes Overlook to Tahkenitch Creek

December 18, 2004

I was originally scheduled to lead a snowshoe trip to Westview Shelter. The weather and snow conditions haven’t been the greatest for this activity. The week before two fellow Obsidian friends and I decided to scout out the trail and the snow was very slushy and it was drizzling. We were the only ones there that day. We turned around after snowshoeing a couple of miles in. The weather didn’t improve that week for snowshoeing. My trip changed to a coastal hike, instead. Eight of us met at SEHS on a cloudy day. As we got closer to the coast the weather got better and better! When we arrived at the Oregon Dunes Overlook parking lot, it was beautiful and felt like spring as we got out of our cars! It was so warm it was unbelievable. I immediately took off my coat. It has been months since I’ve felt air this warm. We followed the trail and markers out to the beach and WOW, what beauty! There were no other hikers so we had the entire beach to ourselves. We walked south towards Tahkenitch Creek (our lunch spot destination). Two fellow hikers decided to wade in the water. The weather was just perfect and the sun felt so good. It’s been so overcast and foggy lately and feeling the warmth and sun was pure pleasure. After our lunch we hiked the trail back through the dunes and over the tree islands. The trail is easier to follow with the large markers. We had a great view of Tahkenitch Creek from a “dune overlook.” We hesitantly arrived back to our cars leaving this beautiful area behind. On our trip back we stopped at Alpha Bits for a meal. The hikers this beautiful day were: Daniele Delaby, Anne Hollander, Yuan Hopkins, Annie Hubbird, Peter Matscalek, Craig Renkert, Sheila Ward, and Michelle Tambellini (leader).

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