West Eugene Wetlands

March 20, 2004

On an absolutely perfect spring day 16 hikers met at the West 11th Shop Ko to hike through the West Eugene Wetlands. We first explored the Stewart Pond area which is not far from Shop Ko, then headed west on the Fern Ridge bike path. We stopped occasionally to bird watch and were rewarded with sightings of kingfishers, Canada Geese, meadowlarks, red-winged blackbirds, numerous ducks and a variety of other birds. We walked on to the Meadowlark viewing area by Greenhill Rd. where we stopped to have a snack. While there we were treated to the sight of well over 1000 Canada Geese quietly eating in a nearby field. Just as we were ready to leave the geese decided to take flight. What an inspiring sight to see them all circling in the air, briefly landing, then taking flight again and off to parts unknown. We backtracked slightly and then caught a city bus at Danebo St. for a ride back to our cars, the entire trip taking about 3–4 hours. The hikers included non-Obsidians LaRee Beckley, Vicki Levine, Jacki Lukowski, Zane Miller, Zola Miller, DeeDee Stevens, John Stevens and members Walt Dolliver, Sandra Larsen, Evelyn Nagy, Nola Nelson, Carol Petty, Margaret Prentice, Chisako Sakai, Nola Shurtleff, and leader Joanne Ledet.

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