Ray Benson, South Loop

January 31, 2004

This trip was originally scheduled for 1/17/04 but the leader ended up having a conflict that day. By the time the second date arrived, only two people were still available to go. We drove to Ray Benson and started south down to the South Loop. About the time we arrived at the top of the South Loop the tracks we had been following veered off to the west, and we started fighting 15" of new powder snow. By the time we got around to the first good hill another family pulled up behind us and helped with trail breaking till we hit the open meadows before the highest hill. At that point the wind had packed the snow so that we didn’t have to break trail. At the top of the hill the family decided to turn back, and we pressed on to the shelter. There were three snowmobilers at the shelter trying to warm up from floundering around trying to get their snowmobiles unstuck. The had gotten buried several times. We decided to take the same loop back that we had come in on since the rest of the trail was not broken, and had a pleasant ski back to the car. Skiers were members Carol Petty and Bill Johnson, leader.

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