Jack Meadows

January 25, 2004

Starting from the left edge of the tubing area at Santiam Sno Park we skied up the right side of the little creek that drains “10 Minute” Lake at the edge of the Jefferson wilderness. The Skyline trail beginning is covered by fallen trees so this new access is much to be preferred. At the far end of the lake we turned right and climbed to the col in the ridge that starts from the tubing area. There was about 5" of nice powder where the wind hadn’t blown it away from the icy snow beneath. Turning left we made our way North up a little valley where the ridge splits until we came in sight of rocky cliffs blocking the ridge. Turning right we went up a rise, through a gap and headed straight for the meadows at a rough bearing of 45 degrees. At this point we were about 300 yards from the “Rock Pile” on the PCT. Before long we made it to the meadows and headed towards the top looking for some shelter from the wind and blowing snow. After a brief lunch in the “full conditions” we headed down. By now the snow was 10" deep and we had some nice downhill pitches. Part way back we left our tracks and went to the Rock Pile on the PCT. From there we took the connector towards the Skyline trail junction. Susan, who was leading, left the trail and headed downwards to the left because she knew some friends were skiing the Skyline trail. We hit their tracks near the stream crossing and we were soon back at 10 Minute Lake. Since it was early we decided to ski towards Hogg Rock and Susan picked out a nice route over rolling terrain to and down the hill below the rock. Soon we were back to the cars.

The fire has greatly changed the landscape. Now one can see much more of the topography though one can still get lost. On this and previous trips into this area we saw no recently fallen trees and conclude there is little danger from such before Summer when the prop-up from deep snow is gone. This was a very congenial group and we had a great time.

Participants were: Anne Bonine, Bob Burnett, John Cooper, Colette Govan, John Hudson, Bob Huntley, Mark Slipp, Larry Schulze, Susan Sullivan, Craig Weinerman, Lyndell Wilken, and John Mowat, leader.

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