Snow Shoe Leadership Training

January 11, 2004

What an absolutely splendid day! Dave Walp is an incredibly knowledgeable person. The sky was blue, the snow a bit crusty, but not too bad, and it was an easy drive — what more could we ask for! Led by Dave, we trooped along Trapper Creek from the Shelter Cover Resort parking lot, crossing over the creek twice on snow banks. Dave did a fabulous job showing us pine marten and mink tracks and drawing other tracks with his hand in the snow; old blazes in trees to find the route, lightening struck trees, and explaining the various types of trees we were seeing. He stressed how to “stay found” and discussed what to look for when buying a new pair of snow shoes. All of us enjoyed lingering over lunch in a beautiful snow covered meadow along a creek. Enjoying the trip were: Bob Harrison, Bob Huntley, Carolyn Higgins, Charles Durham, Clay Higgins, Cork Higgins, Cosmo Patenos, Dave Strattin, Effie Neth, Garry DeGulis, Helen Higgins, John Agnew, Lana Lindstrom, Lyndell Wilken, Michelle Tambellini, Nora Nicolaidis, Richard Hughes, and Rob Castlebury. Thanks Dave — we’ll do it again next year.

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