Fall Creek Trail

October 23, 2004

Nine of us piled into two cars and drove to road 1828 on the Fall Creek trail and headed downstream. It rained lightly much of the time but not enough to dampen our spirits or enjoyment. The lush flora and rushing creek were lovely and we saw no one else on the trail. We lunched at the usual place in Bedrock campground—both a bench and some large flat rocks afford a nice creekside view. We then returned upstream to our cars. I have always done this trip one way with a car shuttle but the bridge at Slick creek—about a half mile below Bedrock—remains out. There was a fire in this area about 18 months ago and much evidence of the burn remains. In fact, there were several downed trees obstructing the trail which required some tricky clambering; but the trail was passable—and enjoyable. Hikers were nonmembers Martha Collins and Bonnie Richman (her 3rd hike and she is joining); and members LaRee Beckley, Dick Hildreth, Sheila Ward, David McClurg, Tom Woxell, Craig Renkert, and Ed Lichtenstein, leader.

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