Black Meadow/Waldo Lake

October 3, 2004

Lyndell pointed out a “Cy Bingham tree.” Did you know he was the first forest ranger in the area? The tree had his name carved in it with the date of 1908. It is at the intersection of the South Waldo trail and the Mt. Ray trail. Waldo Lake’s water level was high for this time of year. All that rain in September made a difference. Unfortunately I heard the drone of a motor boat. Why gas engines have not been banned on Waldo Lake is still amazing to me. Once we left the lake we saw no one. The Highway (58) construction is finished! I noticed a pile of glass in the parking lot. Don’t leave valuables in your car. The trail grows faint on both sides of Black Meadow. Pay attention and you will be OK. Hikers were Ann-Marie Askew, Walt Dolliver, John Hegg, Daphne James, Robert Mason, Craig Renkert, Craig Wemeson, Lyndell Wilken and J. Scott Hovis, leader.

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