The Wife

September 12, 2004

Met Bob Foster and Daphne James at the SESH lot and left for the trailhead at about 8:05 a.m. We parked at the upper (horse) parking lot at Devils Lake, and started hiking at about 10:40. Had a few sprinkles on the way in. We took the left branch at the Wickiup Plain JCT, and proceeded to the JCT with the PCT SE of The House Rock. Followed the PCT north for a little over a mile, then took a crosscountry route (slightly north of due west) to the high plain just below The Wife. Noticed solar panels of a USGS monitoring station up on the east ridge of The Wife. Climbed the steep slope up to the south ridge, which we followed to a false summit, then went east to the summit (elevation 7054).

Had a late lunch on top around 1:20 p.m. Caught glimpses of lakes in the distance to the south, a few of the Rock Mesa, and of the dikes on the north face of The Wife. Cut our stay on top short when it began to snow.

Made our way down the steep south slope, then traversed around to the east ridge. Checked out the USGS station, then dropped off to the north, down to the lower part of Wickiup Plain. Hiked east across the plain to the PCT, south to the JCT with the Wickiup Plain Trail. Then Bob showed us the old, abandoned trail between Le Conte Crater and the Rock Mesa.

While Bob has been in this area a number of times before, it was new for both Daphne and me. This trip deserves to be repeated when the weather permits the great views of the Sisters from the summit. —Wayne Deeter

No distant views today . . .

Bob and Daphne in the snow on top of The Wife

North slope of The Wife

Between the Rock Mesa and Le Conte Crater

—photos by Wayne Deeter

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