McKenzie Pass, Geology

August 18, 2004

Only three people had signed up by trip time, but our four houseguests enthusiastically joined in to share a different kind of trip. We stopped first at the junction of Highways 126 and 242 for an introductory orientation to local Cascade geology. We then drove up the McKenzie Pass road, stopping six times to view, examine, and discuss the geology-volcanic features and evidence of glacial activity. A hike to Proxy Falls, over lava flows from Collier Cone, was followed by lunch at the trailhead. After lunch we stopped to walk on the broken lava from South Belknap Crater, examined glacial grooves in older lava at Craig Lake, walked on one of the “islands” of older lava nearly engulfed by younger lava from Little Belknap Crater, hiked a short way on the Little Belknap lava for a view of the “islands”, stopped at Dee Wright Observatory for the view of volcanic peaks and cones and Collier Glacier, and, final stop, walked the paved loop trail on the Yapoah lava flow. The weather was warm, dry, and clear. The group declared the trip a great success. Participant were Doris Brown, Jim Duncan, David Keller, Alison Keller, Josh Keller, Sara Keller, Vincenza Scarpaci, and Peter Rodda, leader.

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