Rosary Lakes

August 6, 2004

Temperature at the trailhead 48 degrees, light rain, temperature at lunchtime 51 degrees. It sounds like an early spring report doesn’t it but it really was August 6th. It was raining when we left Eugene soon after 8 o’clock, an early start during these days of soaring afternoon temperatures. For most of the day it rained lightly off and on, the sun trying to peek through a few times. Despite the weather we Obsidians were true to form & didn’t let the weather dampen our spirits. We enjoyed this pleasant hike with no danger of heat exhaustion! There were still some wildflowers in bloom; the blossoms of the pipsissewa and twinflower carpeted the understory for a good part of the way. We were able to identify a number of plants: white veined wintergreen, one sided wintergreen, candystick, western bistort, not quite ripe gooseberries to name a few. The small red huckleberries were tasty & Danny garnered enough to sprinkle on his ice cream after dinner. The lower lake is always a welcome sight & we lingered there a bit, admiring the view before moving on to the middle lake. We ate lunch seated on logs overlooking the north and smallest lake, took time for a brief exploration before we gladly retraced our steps to generate some warmth again. Despite this being a popular section of the PCT we had it all to ourselves that day.

Thanks to Stewart for taking the lead and for driving.

Hikers were Danny Baihuber, Dan Bates, Kathy Hoeg, Stewart Hoeg, Vicki Levine (completing her third hike), Margaret Prentice (leader) and Joe Schiebe.

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