The Twins

July 30, 2004

Danny Baihuber, Stewart Hoeg and Wojtek Szalecki (two members and one former member) met at 8:30 a.m. at the South Eugene High School parking lot. The group was small, but had an international flavor: Danny was born in Australia of an Austrian father and lived in Australia for 16 years before moving to the United States, Wojtek was born in Poland, and Stewart, although born in the U.S., suffered through 22 years in the foreign wasteland of Texas before moving to Oregon in 1998. It was sunny and about 70 when the group left South Eugene, and the same when they arrived at the trailhead a little before 10:30. Despite the warm spring and recent warm weather, the hikers passed several isolated patches of snow. In addition, they were accompanied up the mountain by a constant escort of mosquitoes. Fortunately, the wildflowers and view from the top of the mountain (at about 7,000 feet) made the war with the mosquitoes worth the effort. With gravity on their side, the hikers were able to outdistance the mosquitoes on the way down the mountain and back to the comfort and safety of the car for a pest-free drive back to Eugene.

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