Chucksney Mountain

July 25, 2004

Sunday 7/25 dawned clear and warm. Six of us met at SEHS and left for the hike. We drove up Hwy. 58 to the Aufterheide junction and followed the scenic route in two vehicles to the trailhead at Box Canyon at the top of the divide between the Willamette and the McKenzie. Mosquitoes were not a problem. We followed the Grasshopper trail to its junction with the Chucksney Mountain trail and hiked the loop in a counter-clockwise direction. Most of the trail is through the forest, and there were a few openings which afforded good views of the Sisters and other peaks. The bear grass and flower meadows near the top were past their prime by a week or two. There were a few butterflies still supplementing the beauty of the flowers. We had lunch at 12:30 on the ridge and again enjoyed the views of the Sisters and other volcanic peaks to the east and the old Cascades to the west. We continued in our counter-clockwise path and completed the hike about 4:00 and arrived back in Eugene about 5:00. The six hikers were Susan Mombert, Vickie Foster, Karen Rayle, Lucy Rayle, Rob Castleberry, and Allan Coons, trip leader.

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