Four-in-one Cone

July 18, 2004

Nine of us met at South Eugene on Sunday 7/18 for a hike to Four-in-one Cone in the McKenzie Pass area. We arrived at the trailhead ca. 9:45 and made it to the Cone at about noon. We hiked the short distance to the top, walked along the ridge, marveled at the volcanic features, then had lunch. The weather was warm and sunny all day. Mosquitoes were out in force at the trailhead and stayed with us for probably 3 miles; they met us again on the way down. A few rode back part of the way to Eugene. The views of North Sister, Middle Sister and Collier Glacier were spectacular. Hikers were Daphne James, Nancy Whitfield, Richard Lemon, Lynda Christiansen, Bob Foster, Bob Huntley, Rich Romm, Barbara Revere, and Allan Coons, trip leader.

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