Hart’s Cove

July 16, 2004

The Obsidians met in Salem for our trip to the coast for Hart’s Cove. July 16 was the opening day of the gated road that leads to the trailhead, but we were not the first to arrive—the Hebo Forest Service was! Chemeketan Dean Wachtel joined us at the trailhead with his trusty shears and we proceeded downhill. After two miles we encountered a huge snag that had fallen during the winter across the trail. The Forest Service workers were contributing greatly with brush clearing and hoping they would have cleared the snag for us on our way back—but alas it would take a bulldozer to do so! After 2.7 miles we reached the high grass meadow with sweeping ocean views on this beautiful hot July day. We had lunch overlooking Hart’s Cove and its waterfall. We all proceeded back the same way we came in. Good sports for this pre-maintained trail were leader Danny Baihuber, Barb and Tom Revere, Yuan Hopkins, Dean Wachtel and many thanks to Sandra Larsen for her guidance and advice for my first led hike with the Obsidians. Thank you.

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