Lowder Mountain

July 16, 2004

Ten hikers made the trip to Lowder Mountain on a beautiful, warm July day. The first half-mile of the trail goes through shady old-growth forest, after which we made our way through a series of hillside meadows. This part of the trip was special this year because of the abundance of wildflowers that were in full bloom. Thanks to the expertise of Dan and Margaret, virtually every one was identified. Max received special recognition for spotting a small clump of gentians near a large outcropping of rock. A list of wildflowers identified on the hike totaled nearly 40 different species. Once at the top, we were rewarded with excellent views of the central Cascades from nearby Mt. Bachelor to Mt. Hood, barely visible in the distance. We sat in the shade eating our lunch and admiring the magnificent views of the mountains. The trip down was faster but with frequent stops to discuss and identify wildflowers. Back at the trailhead we enjoyed slices of cold watermelon. Everyone seemed to enjoy the day and the spectacular wildflower show made this a most interesting trip. The participants included: Dan Bates, Max Brown, Daniele Delaby, Debra Higbee, Nichola Higbee, Margaret Prentice, Wojtek Szalecki, Sheila Ward, and trip leaders Sharon and Jim Duncan.

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