Bohemia Mountain

July 10, 2004

Many thanks to Dan Christensen for picking up the signup sheet and meeting Max Brown, Jim Duncan, Annette Gilman, Joanne Ledet, Anne McLucas, Clare Pollak, Ginny Reich, Barb Revere, Karla Rusow and Judith Terry at SEHS and guiding them down to Cottage Grove, thus saving me 30 extra miles of driving. From there, we headed up Row River Road to Diston, where we picked up Sandra Juliano, then continued on up Brice Creek and the Noonday Ridge Road. It was overcast and cool. We couldn’t see Fairview Peak as we climbed the Ridge Road, but caught a few glimpses of it and Bohemia Mountain as we neared Champion Saddle. We parked near the unmarked road to Bohemia City, which we then walked to. Many wildflowers were blooming by the road—cascade lily, paintbrush, cats ears, columbine, wild-ginger, vanillaleaf and bleeding heart to name a few. We examined the remains of Bohemia City and the mine there, then returned to the cars. As the Musick Guard Station was occupied (it’s now a USFS rental), we proceeded on to the unimproved county park at Bohemia Saddle for lunch. More wildflowers were seen along the trail up Bohemia Mountain, including penstemon hanging in little nooks in the rock near the top. By the time we reached the top it had cleared enough so that we could identify a few peaks—Diamond Peak, Mt. Thielsen, Mt. Bailey, and the bases of the Sisters. We next drove to the top of Fairview Peak. The last, steep section of road has been graded and graveled so it’s no longer as hard on cars as it used to be. The couple who were renting the lookout tower for the weekend were kind enough to offer to let us all come up for a view from the top. The return drive was made north from the saddle, then over to Shane Saddle, down by the Star Mine, and out Martin Creek and Sharps Creek roads. While I listed this trip on the schedule as a “B” hike, it should be listed as an “A”—there’s not more than three miles of hiking involved, with only about 800' of elevation gain.

—Wayne Deeter

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