Washburne Loop

June 30, 2004

Four of us met at Amazon Community Center and joined up with two more at Shopko on 11th. Interestingly, we had two married couples and in each case the wife was a member with hubby about to complete his third hike. We caravanned to the coast and wasted no time getting started as the tide was coming in and we didn’t relish the idea of swimming the final lap to the Hobbit Trail. That proved to be no problem. The weather was wonderful, the sea air invigorating and the trail was a treat to those who hadn’t experienced it before. No hobbits spotted, however. Across the highway, we stopped for a snack at the beaver pond, which was so serene and mosquito-less that the group could have stayed there longer. Lunch was enjoyed surrounded by a meadow aglow with yellow wildflowers and purple foxglove. While one couple left us to spend the rest of the day and night somewhere on the coast, four of us made stops on the way back at Darlingtonia Botanical Gardens to see the cobra lilies . . . and at BJ’s for a well-earned ice cream treat. On the hike were Barb and Tom Revere, Jacki and Jim Lukowski, Nola Shurtleff and Marshall Kandell (leader).

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