Lowder Mountain

June 27, 2004

The day was warm and sunny as we hiked our way to the top of Lowder Mountain. Along the way we saw hundreds of colorful wild flowers, birds, and mountain peaks. After lunch several of us started exploring and soon began calling ourselves amateur scatologists. The variety of fresh scat had us wondering just who was watching us. Marshall even found some obsidian that had been worked by Indians at one time. Before heading down, Bob wanted to discover the real “top” of Lowder Mountain so, we continued exploring until we were satisfied we couldn’t climb any further. Having accomplished a lot, the amateur scatologists headed down the mountain and arrived back in Eugene by 4:30. I’ve been leading this trip for 15 years; it’s always a good adventure and one I look forward to. And, there was still a little bit of snow near the trail!

Hikers were Isolda Acosta, John Farkas, Bob Huntley, Marshall Kandell, Barbara Revere and Diane Jeffcott, leader.

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