Clear Lake

June 9, 2004

Once again, rain washed out the less hardy and a sign-up sheet of 16 shrunk to six willing hikers (all but the leader non-members!) Weather enroute wasn’t promising, but was much improved by the time we arrived at Clear Lake Resort. Hiking counter-clockwise around the lake, we crossed the McKenzie headwaters, startled a merganser and her ducklings and enjoyed serene, if overcast vistas of forest and lake. About a quarter way around, rain spurred several of us to don our rain pants. Once clad, of course, the rain stopped and stayed away for the rest of the hike. Lunch was enjoyed at Great Springs, the beautiful turquoise pool where it all begins. Hikers included Sachiko Iwasaki from Japan, who got her undergraduate and master’s degrees at the U of O and is completing her Ph.D. work at the U. of Wisconsin in Madison (whenever she’s in town she checks the board at the Y); Barb and Tom Revere, Phyllis Wolfe, Jerold Williams and leader Marshall Kandell. Jerold was the hike’s flower maven, but since we didn’t write down everything, you’ll just have to take my word for it that we saw flowering bear grass, bunchberry, rhodies, Oregon grape, vanilla leaf and salmon berries, along with a “false” something or other (since it was false, it probably doesn’t count anyway, right?). We also learned how to tell the trunks of sugar pine and Douglas fir apart. Returning to town and the day’s continuing downpour, we realized we actually had the best weather of the day at Clear Lake.

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