Dorena Lake to Brice Creek

May 30, 2004

Having misread the signup sheet, Larry Dunlap arrived at the Cerro Gordo trailhead of the Row River trail ready for a 9 a.m. departure—half an hour early. At about 9:10 he started the ride without me. I arrived about 5 minutes later. While I was waiting for Larry, Obsidian Sue Wolling rode by on a 80 mile ride from Eugene. I started the ride at about 9:45, having given up on Larry.

It was misting a bit as I rode by the lake, which had been filled to its limit last few weeks. There were a lot of other trail users along the lake—both hikers and bikers. By the time I reached the end of the lake the misting had stopped. Temperatures were mild all day long—perfect for biking.

At the end of the trail I took to the road, swinging on to Lower Brice Creek road to get a better view of Wildwood Falls. At the west end of the Brice Creek trail I caught up with Sue, who had reached her turnaround point.

I finally met up with Larry about three miles before the end of the pavement. He had already been there and had turned around. We stopped where we met for snack or lunch and watched and listened to the creek as it splashed over the rocks in the narrow canyon. We then coasted back down the road, stopping frequently to view the creek and waterfalls. Campgrounds were overflowing with Memorial Day weekenders, including some having fun careening around at high speed on their noisy/noisome 2 & 4 wheelers.

After passing Diston we jogged over on Layng Creek Rd. to Lower Brice Creek Rd. for another stop at Wildwood falls. We picked up the Row River Trail at Culp Creek for a brisk ride in the sunshine back to Cerro Gordo.

—Wayne Deeter

Brice Creek

Lunch view

Larry at Wildwood Falls

Wayne at Wildwood Falls

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