Willamette Valley Loop

May 15, 2004

Ten little Bikers (or not so little) went for a ride,
Up in the valley where the rain had dried.

The first one saw camas of purple and finches quite yellow.
Fields very green made the second quite mellow.

The third saw a dark cloud that looked like rain,
a forth got out raingear so no rain came.

An old church in Peoria delighted the fifth,
The wildlife refuge a lunch spot for the sixth.

Number seven saw no cars for mile upon mile,
a six sided barn gave eight a big smile.

Number nine turned left when it should have been right.
To number ten our cars were a beautiful site.

This is a summary of a 44 mile Bicycle ride began at the Brownsville exit off I-5 and continued on Willamette valley farm roads. It was enjoyed by 10 members and friends of Obsidians with apologies from the Leader Norma Lockyear who had billed the trip as 37 miles. A lovely day was enjoyed by all. Other riders were Gayle Berge, Joan Bradley, Jim Duncan, Lyn Gilman-Garrick, Peter Graham, Sharon Ritchie, Joyce Sanders, Ron Shaffer and Judy Terry.

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