Sweet Creek Falls

May 2, 2004

Eight of us started down the trail around 10:30. Sheila pointed out that for quality photographs, one needs an overcast day. Unfortunately for her, the sky was a brilliant blue and it was warm. We enjoyed the smells, wildflowers and the sounds of the cascading falls. There were abundant wild flowers on both sides of the mile trail along the river. We identified monkey flower, fairy lantern, bleeding heart, salmonberry, skunk cabbage, and Solomon’s seal. We missed the trillium and the fragile pink fawn lily which were so abundant on the trip I led last year on March 29.

At noon, we ate lunch along the creek enjoying the warm day. It was Margo Fetz’s third hike. Jane Hackett’s grandson, Brennen, filled out his application for junior membership. It was Iwo Lojasiewicz’s last trip with our club since he will be moving to San Francisco. We made a quick stop in Mapleton at Alpha Bits for coffee and soft drinks. What a relaxing day filled with quiet observations and conversation. How could we be so tired after a two mile hike?

All of us recommend that this trip be on the schedule several times in the spring so that one can view the changing wildflowers.

Hikers were Margo Fetz, Brennen Hackett, Jane Hackett, Vi Johnson, Carol Petty, Iwo Lojasiewicz, Sheila Ward and Janet Jacobsen, leader.

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