South & North Shasta Loops

April 21, 2004

Heavy rain and phone calls in the early morning donít bode well for hiker turnout stats. Five cancellations left three of us—Oregonians to our soggy cores—to face the elements. Starting from the corner of Spring and Firland, we ventured downhill to Woodson, noting the fine misty view toward LCC and Mt. Pisgah, a view that would never have been possible had a developer not absconded a couple of winters ago with the fir forest that used to be there. Through the backcountry, the gravel road eventually climbs to the extension of Spring Blvd., where all the mansions are—including one with turrets and battlements and three story windows thatís been under construction for at least two years. Lots of interesting homes to see on this hikeÖin all price ranges. Down Shasta Loop to Dillard to 42nd and back up always challenging North Shasta Loop. About half way through, the weather improved somewhat; however, the adventurous spirits of our storm tested trio never flagged. All of us—LaRee Beckley, Kathy Hoeg and I (leader Marshall Kandell) were in solid agreement: It was a good workout, an interesting and scenic hike and those who cancelled out missed out on a good time. It was also appreciated that this local hike didnít require and early start time, a long drive to a trailhead or a late return. We were back in time for lunch. Funny thing about this hike . . . same thing happened last year, only then there were seven cancellations. I think things are improving.

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