Summer Trips Leaders’ Meeting

March 23, 2004

Kudos to Sandra Larsen & Margaret Prentice and the Summer Trips Committee, who hosted an informative Leaders’ Meeting at the Lodge on March 23 . . .

Around 40 interested people attended. There were snacks and door prizes. The leaders’ packets were well organized with all the needed forms.

Doug Nelson and Sheila Ward showed what goes inside a well-equipped day pack. How do they carry it all? George Baitinger and Doug shared their views of what makes a safe trip. Christine Stockdale, Effie Neth, John & Janet Jacobsen explained the purpose of the forms inside the Leader’s Packet: Sign-up sheet, Trip report, Membership form, Accident Report, and Incident Report.

No matter how many times one attends these meetings, one learns something new . . .

Sheila stows an extra pair of dry socks in a sealed plastic bag in her pack.

George carries a yellow waterproof tube that is easy to roll up in if one has to keep warm; he also carries a roll of bright pink tape. (He knows from his experiences in Search & Rescue that you will be easier to find if you are rolled up in yellow tape and have tied pink tape nearby!)

Doug always carries some handy duct tape.

— Jan Jacobsen

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