Spencer Butte Trail Maintenance

December 12, 2004

A joint Obsidian and City of Eugene work party set out to dismantle the old bridge and walk-way located on the tie-in trail north of the junction to the Ridgeline Trail. With much sawing and hacking, the bridge came apart and was hauled down the trail a mile by wheelbarrows to be picked up later by the city.

Two huge stepping stones were put in place as a temporary measure for hikers to use to get through this wet and muddy area. In addition, two directional signs were replaced by new ones covered by Plexiglas. KMTR did a short piece on the work being done on the Butte; Peter Asai was interviewed. Participants were John Cooper, Peter, Jason Chan, Joe Geil, Shaun Cook and Miguel Villada; along with Matt McRae from the Parks Department. —John Cooper

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