Spencer Butte Trail Maintenance

October 9, 2004

Twelve participants worked steadily for four hours on the main Spencer Butte Trail. Led by Jessie Kerry Ross and Matt McVea from the City’s Parks, we split up into groups. Gang leader trusty Rick Ahrens led the brushing crew up to tree line and closed off an old trail. Culverts that had not been cleaned for three years were unclogged. Major improvements were made on short-cut trails. Peter Asai and Sean Brennan started out on one section and in no time had made the area natural looking again. Sword ferns were transplanted. Rocks and logs moved. Even moss and duff were discretely taken from one area to cover the raw ground. Others joined in. By quitting time 50 feet of trail had been restored. Participants were John Cooper, facilitator, Peter Asai, Rick Ahrens, Jim Duncan, Ken Kodama, Sean Brennan, Dan Dubach, Stewart Hoeg, Jason Chan and Craig Renkert.

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