Brice Creek Trail

April 17, 2004

Rick Ahrens, Max Brown, Dan Christensen, Jim Duncan and I (Wayne Deeter) worked our way west from the Lund Park Campground, fixing muddy potholes in the trail as we went. Along the way a rough-skinned newt was spotted in the trail, and avoided. A small salamander was inadvertently evicted from its home in our zeal to collect rock for trail fill.

After much heavy lifting/carrying, and some resting, too, we went across the road from the campground to check out the incomplete Marten Flume loop trail. Hiking a short distance along this trail, we came to the conclusion that it’s in very poor shape, and what exists of it poor in design. Though a nice idea—a one mile loop trail next to a campground—it will take much work to get this trail in shape and finished.

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