February Potluck: Lively & Delicious!

February 27, 2004

What a huge, enthusiastic turnout we had for the February Potluck — our annual Summer Camp Rally! Wendy Dame and Don Doerr, co-chairing Camp for the second year in a row, seem determined to outdo themselves. The Camp Nooksack site in the Northern Cascades has more trees, easier access, better roads, and more nearby hiking trails than last year’s campsite, and we may even be able to light a campfire. (Camp may also feature more rain and more mosquitoes, but that’s not a promise!)

Everything campers need to know is contained in the compact but encyclopedic Camp Booklet produced by Wayne Deeter, and in Wendy and Don’s informational notice elsewhere in this Bulletin, so I need only say thanks, on behalf of all of us.

Thanks also to everyone who helped with the Potluck. Starting a new tradition, Kathy Hoeg, our Entertainment Committee Chair*, recruited volunteers to wash dishes and take out the trash by promising they could go to the head of the dinner line. Next month we’ll be looking for three more hungry Volunteers, plus a not-so-hungry volunteer to call out the table numbers so that Kathy won’t always be the last person to eat. (Sharon Duncan and I would be glad to help, if only we weren’t so short and bashful.)

If the food is as delicious and plentiful as it was this month, even those at the end of the line will have a feast. See you next month!

*Ken Kodama is now chairing the Finance Committee.

— Beth Kodama

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