Map, Compass & GPS Workshop

May 15, 2004

The Obsidians sponsored a skills review workshop for map, compass, and GPS navigation this spring. The classroom session in April, led by George Baitinger, reviewed the history of maps, coordinate systems, USGS 7.5' topographic maps and symbols, and a brief overview of how a compass and GPS can be used together with a topo map. A field trip to Elijah Bristow State Park in May gave a hands-on experience with magnetic declination, using a compass to calculate bearings and navigate in the field, plotting a route of travel between points using a topographical map and compass, a quick overview of the UTM grid system and the use of GPS satellite navigation. The group then split into teams and used a map, compass, and GPS to navigate a course of stations hidden across many acres of open land at Bristow State Park. All teams were able to find their five assigned stations and then navigate their way back to the parking area. Field trip participants were guests Scot Hunt, and Guy Strahon, and Obsidians Jan Anselmo, Rich Anselmo, Marsha Barr, Diane Jefcott, Craig Renkert, Leila Snow, Chris Stockdale, Tom Woxell, and leader Brian Hoyland.

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