The Oregon Zoo

June 30, 2004

Twenty-three Obsidians and five guests (including 8-year-old Eric) celebrated summer traveling up I-5 to Portland’s Oregon Zoo. Larry Edwards, our Oregon Coachways driver, couldn’t believe our one destination itinerary. Rick Ahrens gave a wonderful presentation of the Zoo and how it evolved into the new look — where animals have natural habitat and free movement while visitors are limited to where they can go. The Oregon Zoo has incorporated the new models and their new expansion is first-rate. The Eagle Canyon was a wonderful experience: such close-up observation of the eagles. This exhibit was a “must” for most of us. The Stellar Cove (aquarium) with excellent Viewing of the sea otters and seals was another favorite. Upon arrival and after receiving your ticket and map you were free to go your own way. Many trekked along with Rick, never wanting to miss any of his wealth of knowledge. There are a number of scheduled presentations; a bird one was quite the talk when all returned to the bus. So between groups of kids of all ages, food courts, animal exhibits and the addition of wonderful memorial benches strategically placed, plus golf cart rides, everyone enjoyed a fairly strenuous day. Perfect weather, too. Mid-July a farm animal-petting zoo will open, meeting the needs of urban children. Riders were: Ethel Allen, Rick Ahrens, Louise Behnke, Mary Bridgeman, Ingrid Carmichael, Mary Lee Cheadle, Kent Christoferson, Judy Dobell, Courtney & Margaret Fea, Dora Harris, Yuan Hopkins, Ray Jensen, Rosella Jones, Ben Kirk, Gloria Layden, Mary Lemons, David & Eric McClurg, John & Lenore McManigal, Janice Marshall, Irene Moshier, Janet Speelman, Grace Swanson, Mary Ellen West, Vera Woolley and Liz Reanier, leader.

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