Inn at Spanish Head

May 17-18, 2004

May 17, 8:00 a.m. Thirty-two riders with driver Gary Tolle left ShopKo parking north through Coburg, beautiful Peoria countryside, then rest stop (refreshments) at Avery Park in Corvallis. Then west to Newport; fresh greenery and blossoms were beautiful. Our expert driver took us along the waterfront, by Embarcadaro, under the bridge and a stop at Fisherman’s Memorial, followed by a scenic drive up the coastal edge of Newport. Then north up Hwy. 101 to Gleneden Beach S.P. for our picnic lunch. A sunny day at the beach was so welcome! Next to Lincoln City’s Bijou Theatre for the wonderful organ concert. Sadly, the movie, “Eternal Sunshine”, was not appropriate for Obsidian values. At the Inn we were warmly welcomed; two receptionists met us with envelopes for each person including room number and key. Certainly the most efficient service anyone could expect. There was plenty of time before the 6:30 buffet for walking the beach or having a courtesy appetizer in the Fathom Lounge. Buffet dinner was plentiful and delicious. A surprise celebration with anniversary/birthday cake honoring Lloyd & Betty’s 57th anniversary and Lloyd’s birthday.

Tuesday, a.m. allowed time to walk the beach or enjoy the spa/swimming pool before 8:30 breakfast. Don & Barbara learned they were in room with lucky number (door prize: a beautiful glass ball). Having had a great time, we were boarding the bus by 10:30 for a guided tour around Devil’s Lake. Local residents Paul & Barbara Beard led the way. First stop was Regatta Park, a new city park with a fantastic playground. A scenic trip around the lake to another park and we were surprised when Barbara presented us with a tray of fresh strawberries. As we munched on berries and watched for eagles and heron, time slipped away before birds came into view. We thanked then for their kindness and drove to Gleneden Beach for lunch. Cloudy skies with possible showers were a threat so we ate in a shelter there. Next to the Alder House to watch a glass blowing demonstration. A few people purchased gifts. As we left our driver proved his skill by driving a narrow incline onto a country road and received an applause from the riders! Onward to Connie Hanson Garden where blooms were beautiful though just past their prime. A final stop on the way home for refreshments at VanDuzer Wayside; we arrived in Eugene about 5:30.

Riders were: Helen Barnard, Mary & Richard Bentsen, Betty & Lloyd Bissell, Pat Bitner, Mary Lee Cheadle, Rose Mary Etter, Margaret Fea, Rachele Fiszman, Bette Hack, Dora Harris, Evelyn Hile, Janet & John Jacobsen, Ben & Pat Jeffries, Jean & Ray Jensen, Rosemary Mason, Amy Maxwell, Frances Newsom, Maude Nilsen, Barbara & Don Payne, Liz Reanier, John & Nancy Schreiner, Janet & Dick Speelman, Ellen Zigler and Ethel Allen (leader). Barbara & Paul Beard and Virginia Gilbreath attended the movie and dinner at the Inn.

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