North Umpqua Trip

July 4-6, 2003

How many Obsidians does it take to roast a marshmallow? Seventeen! One to hold the marshmallow stick and the other sixteen to coach him as to how to properly toast it! And so it was . . . a perfect weekend.

On Friday, we hiked the 5.5 mile Wright-Mott Bridge section of the Umpqua River Trail, doing a key exchange in the middle. Well, it wasnít exactly the halfway point in the trail because one group hiked significantly faster than the other, but the slower group stopped several times to admire the flora (some wildflowers and lots of poison oak) and the fauna (snake and deer). Both groups just missed seeing Zane Gray at his favorite fishing hole, but we did enjoy lunch lounging by the river. After a BBQ dinner, some folks demonstrated how to prepare símores; there was a lively discussion as to whether or not the directions on the graham cracker box were the best method. Then we sang songs until it was too dark to read the words. Saturday was the guided river trip through Ouzel Outfitters on the N. Umpqua — 13 folks in two rafts and 4 in inflatable kayaks. The rafters got a little wet and the kayakers got soaked on this very fun, beautiful river; we also learned that Tevas float! On Saturday evening, after cioppino, brownies and ice cream, we sat around the campfire swapping stories. After a continental breakfast and stocking up on lots of fruit, energy bars and left-overs, on Sunday morning, the group set out to explore waterfalls. We started at Clearwater Falls and worked our way back to Deadline Falls where we watched salmon jumping the falls, just like in the movies.

Thanks to the following folks for a very fun 4th of July celebration: Peter and Kitson Graham, Lois Bjerkin, Effie Neth, Charlie Van Deusen, Judy Terry, Clare Tucker, Chuck Mitchell, Marilyn Waff, Bob Huntley, Sharon Ritchie, John Agnew, Penny MacAvoy, Jim Duncan, Mary Crosson, Richard Hughes, and Lana Lindstrom (leader).

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