Tam McArthur Rim

May 31, 2003

This 2nd annual “Spring Fling” ski proceeded in very similar snow weather conditions to last year’ and again was a resounding success. John Mowat led seven skiers to Todd Lake ridge while five proceeded up snowmobile Rd. 370 to be reunited at Crater Ditch where a “Mash” unit was established for blister repair. Lunch was in Broken Top Crater at 12:45, with ten skiers achieving the left hand side of Broken Hand and two the right hand side at 2:30 p.m. We ran into Ruby Seitz and later Harold Thompson and his daughter who also had decided to ski the Ball Butte area. Six descended Todd Lake Ridge while six returned via the road reaching the cars at 5:00. Skiers were Jan and Rich Anselmo, Bob Burnett, Tom Happy, John Hegg, Chris and Kathy Jensen, Bill McWhorter, Sam Miller, John Mowat, Lyndell Wilken, and Dick Hildreth, leader.

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